Silly Sunday: Let’s All Buy A House!

Hey, y’all! It’s Silly Sunday here in Cactus-land (which sounds like the WORST themepark idea in the world now that I’ve typed it, so A, we’ll have to scrap the rollercoaster)! My internet is down because Comcast might be working for Satan (actually, no, that’s insulting to Lucifer), so I’m sallying forth into the whole new world of doing this on my phone.

I do not like it as much.

Fortunately for you, it’ll keep today short. I heard those sighs of relief and, frankly, I am…totally aware I write too much. I edit when it counts, people.

Anyway, today’s Silly Sunday is…

Mr. Darcy’s house is up for sale! It can be yours for the low, low price of €7 million (plus 45 mil in repairs)! Quick, someone who’s good at math get me a conversion!

Now, I know we creative types aren’t usually flush with cash (go ahead and sing that a la Jean Ralphio, I know you want to), but I’m thinking we could make this work if we all pool it together. There’s 365 rooms. Quick, Math Person, how much is that per person?

Oh. Ok. Maybe we do a sort-of time share thing? Or…maybe Austenland? The movie’s a horrible guilty pleasure with us, but I think we could do it better. Don’t you, Nerd Cactus community? Yeah, I think we could, too.

Plus, the house is in super nice shape, so our redecorating montage set to harpsichord music would be really short and mostly involve furnishing the place. And that 45 million worth of repairs we’d pay other people to do. (No one needs weeks of harpsichord music. No one.)

Spread the word! (Please. This is our platform we’re in the process of building. Any of you who’ve gone through this process know what it’s like. Help us get Mercutio into the world! /shameless plea)

See y’all tomorrow for whatever A has got up her sleeve!



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