Shakespeare Saturday: Celebration!

OK…this post is a bit of a cop-out. I apologize. But I’m also super excited.


Nerd Cactus totally made its (entirely self-imposed) New Year’s Deadline for the first draft of Killing Mercutio. We’re on our way to publishing.

It’s one of the best (and worst) feelings to finish a draft. And now we’re into edits. So, that’s exciting!

I need to thank Shakespeare for this. His characters appear en masse (from more than just Romeo and Juliet), his quotes slide in both unbidden and very bidden (I enjoyed weaving subtle references…and really obvious ones…into the story), and, of course, the whole novel is a spin on one of his plays. Minus the parts we hated.

Romeo and Juliet was not one of our favorite plays. I’m a huge fan of Hamlet these days, having seen a number of amazing performances, as well as The Taming of the Shrew (for the same reason and also a breakthrough I had some months ago that I totally wrote about here multiple times). I love many of Shakespeare’s plays; two annoying teens thinking their hormone-fest is love is not one of them.

But I admit I have a soft spot for it now, if only because it’s the inspiration for some of my favorite characters ever.

So, everyone, raise a glass to Nerd Cactus! We’re on our way to being professionals!



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