Boozy Books: Mystery Mania!

Happy Friday and Happy New Year, readers! Welcome to the first Nerd Cactus post of 2016 (aka: the year a C and I drowned in editing). I kid. It promises to be a very exciting year for Team Nerd Cactus as our novel timeline is picking up speed toward the submission process, and, of course, we’ll be continuing the blog and returning to the Stratford Festival in August. Yay! 2016 is looking up!

PBS is doing their part to make 2016 awesome with tonight’s Sherlock special. I’m so ready! Now, we’ve already covered the works of Arthur Conan Doyle here at Boozy Books so tonight we’re sort of honoring the early mystery genre. I found a great listicle from the Huffington Post that puts together a great selection of mystery stories that are on par with the Sherlock Holmes stories. I haven’t read all these myself so I’m excited to pick up a few (particularly The Moonstone).

As for the ones I have read… I recommend Edgar Allan Poe’s first Dupin story, The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Not only am I partial to Poe, but this story is considered the very first of the detective/mystery genre. In fact, the setup of the character is not unlike the opening of A Study in Scarlet. If you’ve read one you’ll notice the similarities in the other right off the bat. Holmes was certainly influenced by the character of Dupin and I love reading with the knowledge that the story influenced another great author. The greatest of artists tend to borrow, do they not?

Because these are the kinds of mysteries that keep you guessing as you try to piece the puzzle together, I am pairing this genre (let’s call it Victorian mystery) with cognac. It’s heavy in alcohol content and made for sipping so you can sip and sleuth, mulling over the mystery of the story as well as the flavors of this complex brandy. Also, being a French alcohol, it is absolutely something Dupin (a Frenchman) would drink.

So here’s to you and 2016! May the New year bring you plenty of books and booze… Starting with this!



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