Monday Muse: Obligatory Post

Hello, everybody! Welcome, Nerd Cactus, sarcasm, marginally witty quip, yad yada yada…

Today’s Muse is nothing short of a ten minute break from writing. It is a post to fulfill my duties and take my mind off those last few chapters hanging over my head demanding to be written. They will be. I keep telling them that, but they’re as impatient as children who have been promised a slice of birthday cake. Intolerable.

Look, I still have a few days left on my countdown winner teapot clock (I also have a hankering to watch the IT crowd apparently). After all the work I’ve already put into this thing who could doubt that I won’t pull it off? It’s not like I’m gonna look back at the twenty or so chapters I’ve written and say “eh, I think I’ve done enough”. There’s a story to be told and it demands an ending. I know that. You, as readers and writers, know that.

So you see there’s no reason for my brain to go into panic mode. Just breathe and get it done. Yesterday I killed off a character and completely shattered another’s emotional stability for crying out loud! Things are happening. Chapters are being written. I may be crying over the cruelty I bestowed upon my fictional babies, but I’m going to push through it and finish the marathon.


See you Friday for Boozy Books!



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