Shakespeare Saturday: Star Wars Takeover

Happy Saturday, dear friends! To those of our readers who celebrated Christmas yesterday, I hope you had a fabulous day filled with friends, family, food, and a decent haul. I know my family spent literally the entire day eating so I’m still a bit lethargic.

Today, I spent a good deal of time working on writing. This was mostly in anticipation of seeing Star Wars again. I’m pumped. I’m on my way right now. I’m typing this from the backseat of my parents’ car as I’m being whisked away to Imax 3D goodness (I saw the regular version the first time). So for those of you who thought Saturday was all about Shakespeare, wellllll….. Ok, it still is. But in a totally Star Wars-y kinda way.

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, beginning with Verily A New Hope. I’m certain we’ve touched upon this before, but given this month’s Star Wars takeover it only seems fair to talk about it again. All three of the original series have been translated into Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter and I highly recommend them. Special shout out to R2D2’s incredibly insightful soliloquies.

Ok, that’s enough from me. I’M SEEING STAR WARS AGAIN.



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