Silly Sunday: Mozart, You Filthy Animal

Good evening, friends, and welcome to tonight’s edition of Silly Sunday. Today’s post is brought to you by the shenanigans that occur and the things you learn when you attend your significant others holiday work party. Not to worry, lots of fun was had by all. I’ve heard horror stories about office work parties, but my gentleman works with some very nice and frequently funny people.

A little background here: both myself and my boyfriend have bachelor degrees in music and he currently teaches guitar/bass/piano at a private studio. So much of the conversation tonight was music-oriented and brought me back to those good ‘ol college days. (Ok, so I only graduated like three years ago, but I do miss the learning/atmosphere.) Well, anyway we got to talking about Mozart – brilliant little protege that he was – and I learned suggesting new about him! Did you know that along with the big, classical masterpieces he also wrote a few noteworthy (read: filthy) songs of lesser repute? Well, he did! Cause despite the great burden of musical genius he was also a loopy eccentric with a fabulously off-color sense of humor.

So what have we learned today? Mozart was not only a musical savant, but also a prolific master of toilet humor. This is why his works have endured, people!

You’re. Welcome.



One thought on “Silly Sunday: Mozart, You Filthy Animal

  1. I know that Bona Nox song from music class in schoo which he wrote when he was only six years old. The wording he uses – Arsch, Scheisse, etc. (so called Faekalworte or translated fecal words) – were actually less offending in his days as they are today.

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