Shakespeare Saturday: The Year of Bill!

Yes. This is late. Sorry. Two chapters left to write in the novel, eleven days in which to write them. Yes, that’s nominally plenty of time, but several of those days involve Christmas and/or Christmas prep. For some damn stupid reason, I volunteered to cook much of Christmas dinner. I am an idiot.

So, again…late. Sorry. BUT I’LL BE DAMNED IF I MISS A DAY!

2016 is the 400-year anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death Day. April 23rd, in particular. Well…what’s a world to do on such an important, elegantly rounded off anniversary? GO NUTS! That’s what!

Seriously…I thought the whole Shakespeare-shorts-on-giant-screens-around-London was big. THIS is big. It’s no longer a Shakespearience. It’s been upgraded to The Year of Bill. Check it out:

Here’s hoping Nerd Cactus can get in on that action, even if it’s a bit late…

Like this post. Sorry again about that.

Tomorrow, we Silly!


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