Monday Muse: Give Me Strength!

Good evening, readers! Welcome back to Nerd Cactus HQ, where the nerdiness is palpable and the cacti never need watering (cause they’re metaphorical or something).

Today, I am clinging to my last shred of sanity as I tackle day five of some pretty serious character rebuilding/chapter restructuring. I’ve already expressed my vexation that we’ve reached the final month of 2015, and consequently, – for those of you who may not be regular followers – the deadline for our novel. It’s all very exciting, but mostly it’s freakin’ terrifying.

Now, I don’t have many chapters left to write, but two characters in particular have shifted significantly from where they initially began. They are becoming major pains in my ass and taking quite a lot of time away from any forward progress. Of course, it’s all for the better… the story will drastically improve and nobody will have cause to question character choices. It’s a very good thing. But for the love of ice cream, it’s torturous work! I have had to create charts based on which chapters they appear in, charts based on their internal arcs, and charts charting which tea seems to contain the most effective amount of caffeine to keep me productive. AND THEN I’ve had to go back and rework all of the previously written chapters. I feel as though I’m wading through quicksand made up of my own writing. It’s awful.

I also had a really weird dream last night. Like really weird. I dreamt that C and I went to a fancy bookshop to plan where our novel would be displayed and got attacked by a panther. That panther stalked us through a parking lot and used stealth tactics that no animal could ever think of… I mean, It tricked us into thinking it was in a tree and then somehow was in our car. I’m not exactly into interpreting dreams, but I’m pretty sure that panther was representative of one (if not both) of my aforementioned trouble characters. They are out to get me, but I will not let them win. This ends tonight! (Or, y’know sometime this week at the very latest…)

Back to work!


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