Shakespeare Saturday: Shakespeare v. Tarentino

Ok, ok maybe today’s title is a little misleading… The Shakespeare vs Tarantino showdown is purely clickbait hypothetical, but entirely appropriate given today’s content. Death sequences. (Honestly, when it comes to bloodtastic deaths Epic Rap Battles of History should seriously consider facing these two off.) You can’t argue that the amount of death and gore Shakespeare wrote into his plays doesn’t rival the grotesque violence of any Tarantino film. You just can’t. In fact, Tim Crouch is directing a play that will easily put any naysayers in their place.

Titled, The Complete Deaths, Crouch’s concept is to portray each of Shakespeare’s 74 death scenes in the span of a single play. Performed by four actors, The Complete Deaths will “deploy the deaths in the order in which they were written”. This means that as the play progresses the deaths will become significantly more violent and imaginative. (Seriously, Willy started getting real creative after the histories.)


The play is set to open at the Northampton Royal and Derngate Theatre in May 2016. Yes, that’s in England, so if you’re planning a trip over for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child you may want to consider doubling down and getting tickets for this event as well. It promises to be most entertaining.

Back tomorrow with something silly!



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