Shakespeare Saturday: Saying Goodbye

Hello, guys! Welcome to Shakespeare Saturday.

First off…I can’t believe we have to do this yet again, but… our hearts are with all the people affected by the horrible shooting in San Bernadino. I am sick and damned tired of having to write that sentence. I can’t… I can’t even muster the energy to be angry anymore. I’m so heartbroken that my America is turning into this. My home.

I don’t want more people to die like this. When the BBC describes a mass killing as “just another day in America”, we’ve got a problem. I… I dunno. Let’s just move on with the blog.

Today’s blog is brought to you by this:

AKA what I’ve been drinking all day today. It’s available at Trader Joe’s guys. Just getting that out there. Anyway, why have I been drinking this delicious taste treat/hilarious Shakespeare pun? (Or history joke. Either way, it’s good.) And no, I haven’t been drinking away my sorrow at yet another shooting. I’ve actually been drinking to celebrate finishing/winning NaNo. 50,000 words, done and dusted.

I am also drinking because I can’t bear to finish this novel. Yes, this has to do with Shakespeare. And not just because of the name of the drink, either. Because the novel is based on Romeo and Juliet. Which is, coincidentally enough, one of my least favorite Shakespeare plays. I’m not one for obsessive “love”. I do not, for example, like The Notebook, either. But I do love a number of R&J’s characters. Both of us here at Nerd Cactus love its characters. Our novel is the reason this blog exists; it is the reason Nerd Cactus exists.

And there is a part of me that doesn’t want to finish it. I’m sitting at 3.5 chapters left of my half, a month in which to write them, and the drive to get it done. But I am just not ready to say goodbye to Mercutio. He’s the only character left for whom I have to write. A chapter of his begins this novel and a chapter of his ends it. He is my baby, nurtured from random notes on a page to fleshed-out being living in my head and writing his own story. And, with a couple days’ worth of writing, I have to say goodbye to him.

I’m not ready for that. So I’m celebrating the win–50,000 words–and drinking a hilariously-named cider to put it off. Come Monday, I’ll probably sit down, knock out a Muse, and begin the task of bidding adieu to both this character and this novel. But until then, I’m letting him stay inside my head. Because sometimes it’s really hard to let go.

We’ll be back tomorrow with something silly.



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