Monday Muse: What Ever Happened to 2015??

Hey everybody!
It’s Monday again which means it’s time for another Monday Muse.
I haven’t got anything particularly compelling to say because I’ve been focusing on rewrites most of the day and also had an audition early this morning. However, I wanted to address how freakin’ fast time seems to fly.
C and I had originally planned to finish our first draft in August, which seemed like plenty of time at the beginning of the year… But after we moved our deadline to the end of the year the days and weeks seem to have become shorter. I’m not making this up! I feel like I have so much left to write (and no I don’t participate in NANO) so now I have to put myself on crazy watch. Must be sure to eat, shower, and sleep. But also must finish all expected chapters.
There’s no way we only have a month left of 2015… It’s just not possible.


Back to work.



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