Silly Sunday: Poop Cat Makes Me Cry Laughtears

Again with the lateness and again with the apologies, but seeing as it’s Silly Sunday I can get away with a much shorter post. (No rhyming, I promise.)

Everyone who’s ever internet-ed knows that funny videos and cats are always in high demand. And, of course, when they merge into one it’s like the frickin’ holy grail.

So here’s a cat video that has had me screaming with laughter for two days straight. Honestly, it’s better in GIF format cause watching it over and over is hilarious, but the video was easier to find and link.

So enjoy, my friends! I hope you get as much of a laugh out of it as I did (and still am).



Boozy Books: Green Eggs and Ham (because adulting is hard)

I’m late! I’m late!
For an important date!

Apologies for our delay!
Time just moved too fast today…

Boozy Books has come and gone.
But I will write, right through this yaaaawn.

And, no, you won’t see Alice on this page.
It’s something green! It’s… under age?

A story in rhyme. How neat! How queer!
And I’ll tell you about it, if you will hear.

Yes, Dr. Seuss, he gave us Sam;
Ceaseless purveyor of spoiled ham.

I kid! I kid! It wasn’t bad.
It was simply green. A silly fad!

Served with eggs, wherever you like.
On a plane, train, or house. A motorbike!

He’ll chase you down and serve it your way.
Atop a car or a bail of hay!

And you will like it. Yes, you will.
Because it is cooked with tremendous skill.

But better than food smothered in dye, is this concoction I will dare you to try.

It is quite the rich and potent elixir.
So give it a try at your next mixer!

Peace out, brah.


Silly Sunday: Can’t brain. Have to dumb.


How are you? Are you good? That’s good. I’m good, too.


This is your mind on NaNo, guys. I got, like, three hours of sleep. You’d think I wrote a gazillion words, but no…my brain decided it wanted to do other things. For four hours last night, I stared at the screen and just clicked links because I couldn’t help it. I even found out Hamlet is my Shakespeare soulmate. Not sure how I feel about that. Does that mean he’ll neglect me and then kill my father, causing me to go mad and drown? I dunno.

But I am not really in the right frame of mind to do this. How the heck am I going to handle doing this blog during November? Two-thousand words a day is about my limit before my brain goes, “Nope. No more. Go do something else.” I am not Brandon Sanderson, guys; I’m definitely more like George R.R. Martin.

Here’s a cartoon about NaNo’s first day.

Anyone else out there doing NaNo? Give me a shout out about what you’re doing!


Shakespeare Saturday: Halloween: Shakespeare Style!

Happy Halloween, Nerd Cactus friends! It’s technically Shakespeare Saturday, but since it’s Halloween please don’t expect any life changing Shakespeare facts. Instead, I’m posting links to funny Macbeth memes, Shakespeare themed Halloween cocktails, and the Simpsons episode featuring zombie Shakespeare! You’re. Welcome.
(Check out the Bloody Tamora. Perfect for Halloween. As is Titus Andronicus, for that matter…)

Happy haunting!