Silly Sunday: IT’S OVER!

As I begin this dose of silliness, I am a little over 1000 words away from finishing NaNoWriMo 2015. Typically, I finish before Thanksgiving because I absolutely do not want to spend the last few days of November feverishly typing my little fingers off. No. I like to go antiquing on Black Friday weekend. Why? Because it gets me out of the house and part of me is secretly hoping some drunken asshole does something stupid so I can record it for the internet. Also, I really like antiques. Am I a woman in her late twenties who enjoys poring through random crap in the hope that she finds something with some genuine age and cool factor? Yes. Yes, I am.

I refuse to apologize for it.

For the record, I found a really cool storage chest from the late 1800s. In South Florida, that’s pretty much when history begins (minus the Keys, of course, which have pirates), so it was practically ancient! Also… one of those old hamburger-head rocking horse things from old school McDonald’s playgrounds. I don’t know why, but I loved it. I never really went to McDonald’s as a kid, so it’s a weird thing to love… but incongruity or randomness of any sort has always amused me. Take this image for example:



What makes this image so funny? Well, it’s obviously the incongruity of the entire thing. Thor is a character known for his hyper-masculinity; his signature move is to hit things really hard with his hammer. Seriously, there is an entire myth devoted to him losing his hammer and consequently having to dress up in a wedding dress. Yes, he lost his power and manliness when he lost his hammer and was, therefore, a woman. What? Norse society was actually quite egalitarian for the time, but it was still all about the dudes. Anyway. This cartoon is funny because mighty warrior (and incredible literalist) Thor is obsessed with a deliciously adorable stuffed unicorn. The mix of seemingly-incongruous personality traits is humorous. And, in this case, aww-inducing.

Did I just analyze that picture as an excuse to post it? Yes. Have I lost my ever-loving mind because NaNo is pretty much over and bringing my brain back to a semblance of normalcy (you know…normal for me, which is still pretty weird) is going to take weeks? I think I should be normal by Christmas. This is why I take such care with wrapping my presents. Do I have a theme every year? Yes. Yes, I do. Do I take care to make it utterly fabulous? Indeed, I do. Yeah, I’m a weirdo.

Here’s another funny picture to distract you from everything that just happened:

Yes! It’s even Shakespeare-themed!

Anyway…I’m going to go… do… some stuff. Maybe write some more. That might be best.

A will be back tomorrow for the Muse!



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