Shakespeare Saturday: Ms. Directing Shakespeare

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Shakespeare Saturday! Last week I dropped the ball, missing both my posts completely, but I am back and I KNOW what day it is. I promise. (It’s Saturday, right?)

Assuming it is, in fact, Saturday, I have prepared a delightful Shakespeare-related book recommendation for you, dear readers. As many of our followers know, C and I traveled to the Stratford Festival in August and our lives have not been the same since. While there I picked up an intriguing book in a fabulous used bookstore which I have finally begun to read.

Entitled “Ms-Directing Shakespeare” by Elizabeth Schafer, this book explores the triumphs and hardships of female directors tackling the bard. Female directors are a minority in classical theatre so they are often faced with the challenge of breaking into the business and then building a name for themselves. The book examines such works as directed by Dame Judi Dench and Joan Littlewood (among others). It’s a fascinating look at the hurdles and pitfalls of taking on Shakespeare in a world that is dominated by men and though I haven’t finished reading yet, I certainly recommend this to anyone interested in Shakespeare, directing, and women in theatre.

Ok back to the show now (yes, I’m doing a show again… Hence, I never know what day of the week it is).




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