Boozy Books: Green Eggs and Ham (because adulting is hard)

I’m late! I’m late!
For an important date!

Apologies for our delay!
Time just moved too fast today…

Boozy Books has come and gone.
But I will write, right through this yaaaawn.

And, no, you won’t see Alice on this page.
It’s something green! It’s… under age?

A story in rhyme. How neat! How queer!
And I’ll tell you about it, if you will hear.

Yes, Dr. Seuss, he gave us Sam;
Ceaseless purveyor of spoiled ham.

I kid! I kid! It wasn’t bad.
It was simply green. A silly fad!

Served with eggs, wherever you like.
On a plane, train, or house. A motorbike!

He’ll chase you down and serve it your way.
Atop a car or a bail of hay!

And you will like it. Yes, you will.
Because it is cooked with tremendous skill.

But better than food smothered in dye, is this concoction I will dare you to try.

It is quite the rich and potent elixir.
So give it a try at your next mixer!

Peace out, brah.



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