Silly Sunday: Can’t brain. Have to dumb.


How are you? Are you good? That’s good. I’m good, too.


This is your mind on NaNo, guys. I got, like, three hours of sleep. You’d think I wrote a gazillion words, but no…my brain decided it wanted to do other things. For four hours last night, I stared at the screen and just clicked links because I couldn’t help it. I even found out Hamlet is my Shakespeare soulmate. Not sure how I feel about that. Does that mean he’ll neglect me and then kill my father, causing me to go mad and drown? I dunno.

But I am not really in the right frame of mind to do this. How the heck am I going to handle doing this blog during November? Two-thousand words a day is about my limit before my brain goes, “Nope. No more. Go do something else.” I am not Brandon Sanderson, guys; I’m definitely more like George R.R. Martin.

Here’s a cartoon about NaNo’s first day.

Anyone else out there doing NaNo? Give me a shout out about what you’re doing!



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