Boozy Books: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Hi! It’s Boozy Books Friday! Errrr, well it would have been. So I’m an hour or two late, it happens…

Continuing our spooktastic series of Halloween favorites this week is Robert Louis Stevenson’s thrilling gothic horror commonly referred to simply as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (for the full title please see our header). This novel, written in 1886, is often associated with schizophrenia and mad scientists (and in some rare cases The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), and is a classic story of good versus evil.

Though you probably think you know the story (mad scientist unleashes the worst of himself in an experiment gone bad), I would venture to say that unless you’ve read it recently you are probably forgetting that the story follows a lawyer by the name of Gabriel John Utterson. Utterson spends the duration of the plot investigating the strange occurrences and relations between Jekyll and Hyde. Mr. Hyde is immediately revealed to be a moral deviant and so Utterson believes his association with Dr. Jekyll to be motivated by blackmail. Jekyll assures Utterson that all is well, but as Hyde’s violent sprees increase so too does Jekyll’s seclusion. The true nature of Jekyll’s experimentation and duality do not come to light until death. The death of Mr. Hyde, that is, dressed in Dr. Jekyll’s clothes. A letter written by the doctor in his final hours reveals his loss of control over the dark nature he managed to separate from the good in the name of science.

This pairing is a no brainer to me, because it clearly calls for a violently alcoholic shot, followed by a mild-mannered chaser. Of course, absinthe immediately comes to mind to represent Mr. Hyde while a light, crisp cider bespeaks Dr. Jekyll. Personally, I recommend drinking your absinthe a la Neue Bohemian pour, but if you aren’t comfortable setting alcohol on fire go for the traditional absinthe ritual. If you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about I’ll link a fun little website devoted to the green fairy.

Enjoy responsibly! Cheers!



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