Shakespeare Saturday: Yay Archeology!!!

Hey, readers! I know, I know… I’m a bit late with today’s post (ok, fine yesterday’s post), but I’ve had a looooong day and finally have a moment to breathe. So I’m gonna use this moment wisely and get up a Shakespeare post! Thank goodness I was at dinner with C this evening, because I realized I’d shared an article with her this very week that would be perfect for RIGHT NOW.

A recent archeological excavation has unearthed parts of The Curtain. This theatre predated The Globe and is the stage upon which Henry V and Romeo & Juliet premiered. After falling into disuse and being torn down, the theatre’s exact location was lost and so for 500 years its foundation has been casually hanging out under London’s streets. It had a good run, but that game of hide and seek is officially over. Good to see you again, Curtain!



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