Silly Sunday: NYCC Firefly Recap

Hi internet! I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday. I know I did. Not to brag or anything, but I went to the gym, performed a “one and done” matinee, enjoyed a ton of bbq ribs and a glass of wine, and am now enjoying my lazy spot on the couch. Ahhh.

Normally Sunday is reserved for unbridled silliness, but today’s post has a good deal of substance for those of you who love Firefly (as we do at Nerd Cactus). Yesterday at New York Comic Con a mini Firefly reunion panel occurred and a few fun tidbits were imparted for the adoring, still-hopeful-for-the-future fans. In attendance were Nathan Fillion (Mal), Alan Tudyk (Wash), Gina Torres (Zoë), and Jewel Staite (Kaylee), all of whom still hold as much love and enthusiasm for the show as their fans. Unfortunately, there is no video footage available as of yet, but Vulture’s written coverage includes what we can safely assume are some of the highlights.

I found this write-up immensely entertaining so hopefully you’ll get a kick out of it too.

See you tomorrow for the many musings of C!



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