Shakespeare Saturday: Oh, Internet…


So, you guys know I love you, right? I really do. On average, I spend 1.5 hours on every one of my entries (it’s Silly Sunday that really brings that down) because I want you guys to feel as though we’re not wasting your time. And because I generally have that kind of time, whereas A does not. (Oh the life of a working actress…)

Today, though, I just don’t have it. I’m eyeball deep in NaNo prep. I’ve basically retaught myself all the Latin I learned in high school and college while simultaneously researching about Roman Dacia, learning the fact that the Ancient Irish lived in round houses while Ancient Gauls built in rectangles, and remembering (thank goodness before I’d started writing) that the Praetorian Guard tended to wear togas to circumvent the whole “no soldiers in Rome” thing. I don’t mean to seem like I’m complaining, but my brain is just not feeling an essay on Shakespeare today. So please forgive me!

So, I introduce to you this video, supplied by a friend (who might as well become a guest blogger at this point)! I do wish the background music weren’t so ridiculous, but the whole idea of it is great!

Again…sorry. My brain thanks you for your magnanimous forbearance! I’ll be back on Monday to talk about something…

I hope.


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