Monday Muse: No Musings, Just Facts

Good evening, dear readers! Today’s Muse is brought to you by the letter T (as in tired) and the number 7 (the number of straight days of rehearsal and shows I have now completed). It is with great pleasure and relief that I take the next two days to recharge before heading right back into another 7 show week (there’s that number again). Now that the show is officially open my schedule will be much less chaotic and I can return to writing, reading, and napping. Well, I would if I didn’t have to cook for six people for the next few days… I love cooking though so it’s all good.

In other (more important) news: it’s C’s birthday!!!! For the first time since Stratford we found time to get together, eat good food, talk projects, reminisce about Stratford and look forward to next year’s trip. And all this happened to coincide with celebrating C’s birthday. Utter perfection. Basically, it was a fabulous day off which allowed me some opportunity to chill.

So, no, the Muse is not going to be life-changing or thought-provoking today… But I am going to share some news that I think more than a few of you will be excited about. Pepsi is releasing a limited edition “Pepsi Perfect” bottle as originally seen in Back to the Future Part II! Whaaaaat????? Yes! It’s real! I’m finally living in the version of 2015 I always pictured (minus Jaws 19 and mass-produced/functional hoverboards).

Unfortunately, only about 6,000 bottles are being released which means most of us are probably going to end up heartbroken or shelling out ungodly amounts of money to get one off eBay. Pepsi should seriously rethink this plan. My father works for Pepsi and I already gave him an earful on the subject (not that he can do anything about it). If they produced the Pepsi Perfect bottle continuously for the rest of 2015 they’d make a buttload of money and ALL the die-hard BTTF fans could own a piece of the movie. Just sayin’. Here’s a link to the article detailing Pepsi’s plan:

Oh, by the way, back to Jaws 19 for a hot second… Here’s the “official trailer” for the film featuring the holographic great white. Enjoy!



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