Silly Sunday: Some Silly Austen!

Almost there with the completely alliterative title! Sooooo close!

Anyway, today is the final post of my unofficial Pride and Prejudice week, which I decided to do because I wanted to be happy instead of angry and disappointed in the political situation here in the US of A. You know that weird meme that was going around, “Do you even lift?” I actually have no idea where that came from because I am not hip to what the kids are digging these days, but basically my whole world is, “Do you even read?” whenever politics comes up. I actually met someone who had no idea who John Locke was. Like…John Locke?! WHAT?!

*breathes in and out*

Sorry. You see? This is why I needed Jane. She always calms me down. And this week was no different, though of course NaNo prep also started this week so I’m also eyeball deep in research and writing. After writing about Darcy and recommending a lovely Bellini to drink, I have come to finish out the week with something very silly.

Are you ready for it?

You sure?

OK…here it is…

This is a real book. I repeat: this is a real book. It will be happening. It is already a done deal.


OK, that’s it for silliness. Tomorrow, A should be back. It is also my birthday, though, so no guarantees on anything terribly deep or profound. I’ll be back on Saturday with some Shakespeare!



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