Silly Sunday: Tech Week Madness

Good evening, readers! I write today’s post from the beautiful Wick Theatre. I am currently in tech rehearsal for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum which means 10 hours of stopping and starting (plus a 2 hour lunch break) as lights and sounds are set. It’s a long, grueling process which tests both patience and sanity, but it’s also incredibly gratifying to come out the other side with a well-oiled show. Theatre really is magical.

Anyway, in my efforts to fend off the “stir craziness” I’ve been reading a new book (on Shakespeare, I might add), doing crosswords, language training with Duolingo, and searching for silly things to divert myself. Here are the fruits of my labor. Three exquisite tumblr accounts dedicated to the very worst of theatre. Train wreck costumes and bad wigs. It’s incredibly entertaining. If you’re at all familiar with Beauty and the Beast, Into the Woods, or Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat I highly recommend you take a peek. You’ll find it difficult to stop scrolling.

Have fun!


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