The Monday Muse: Do Your Research

Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s muse. It’s gonna be a quick one as what I have to say is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require much sidetracking. So buckle in, I’m about to preach! (Knowing our readership it’ll probably be “to the choir” as they say, but feel free to share this with your friends who need the reminder.)

Today I want to take a moment to discuss the importance of research. In every context. Whether you’re working on a thesis, or a story that takes place in the 1400s, or getting excited over a viral thread, it’s important to seek out and know as many facts as possible to avoid getting egg on your face. There is no shame in admitting you don’t know something; life is about learning after all.

This may seem like something that goes without saying, but quite a few people were taken in by a widely-circulated article this afternoon. The article in question regarded Chick-fil-a’s apparent cessation of donations to anti-gay organizations. “What an exciting victory for The Civil Rights Agenda!”, cried the many who reshared the link. I’ll admit that for a moment I too believed that my years-long boycott had come to an end and I could once again drown my waffle fries in Chick-fil-a sauce…

And then I made that tiny extra effort to seek out the date on which the article was released. Unfortunately, it was originally dated September 2012 and a whole lot of people may be breaking their fast as a result of an article that was published years ago. Add to that the update to the original content (waaay at the bottom of the page) with the addendum that Chick-fil-a never confirmed the announcement and it’s president is still pretty much anti-everything (except white Christian men and chicken slaughter).

In so many cases research can be a quick and painless process, but instead way too many people are content taking their newsfeed at face value. In today’s age of quickie blogging and Facebook sharing it just isn’t a good idea. Research will make you smart. Research will clear up your doubts. Research is your friend.


(Told you I’d be brief)


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