Silly Sunday: The Doctor’s Back!

Heeeyyyy! It’s Sunday and it’s time to get silly!

So, perhaps it’s not silly (though the show certainly has its moments), but I am terribly excited that Doctor Who is back! And I just wanted to remind everyone that this is a thing because it’s awesome and I am excited.

And last night’s series/season premiere was insane! The Doctor on a tank…shredding away on a guitar? Oh, yes. Does it add anything to the story? No. Does it add some great characterization? Oh yeah. And a chance to see Davros again? Always delightful. I love that this show just ignores causality, given that the last time we saw Davros, he went asplode. Yeah, I know a lot of people dislike the “ignoring” of canon, but I think that’s part of what is so awesome about this show. That’s what ‘wibbley-wobbley, timey-whimey’ means; for the purposes of telling a good story, canon is whatever you want it to be. So long as the Doctor remains somewhat constant (but not too constant, as he is always changing), everything works.

I really quite like Doctor Who. And so I adjure you: even if you think you won’t like it, give it a chance. Ignore the fans (even me) and the hype and “this Doctor is better”, “this writer sucks”, “this companion is killing the show”…just enjoy the childishness (or childlike nature, depending on one’s perspective), the silly, and the poignant. After all, this is the kind of stuff you get when you love the Doctor:

This is the Fourth Doctor. Just say he’s your favorite and that’ll shut most of the annoying fans up. A lot of them have never seen any of his episodes, but they’ll pretend they have. If they do, just say you really love “Pyramids of Mars” and Sarah Jane is your favorite companion (RIP, Elisabeth Sladen). Just don’t bring up David Tennant and you should be OK.

So…go on, love the Doctor! The Doctor sure does!

The one on the right is the current Doctor. The guy on the left is the 5th Doctor. So, the Doctor is meeting the Doctor and is a HUGE FAN. Look at that internal screaming.

OK! So…that’s it! Well, I suppose one more funny picture. I can’t do this without adding some Matt Smith…I love him too much to skip him.

This describes them so well.:

OK, now we’re done. Tomorrow, A muses! I dunno what she’ll write about. We like to surprise one another.


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