Shakespeare Saturday: Shake-stoner?

Happy Saturday everybody! It’s time again for Shakespeare Saturday and this week I am offering a tidbit that popped up early last month. This particular article contained the controversial suggestion that the Bard may have been a midnight toker. That’s right, while we were immersed in Shakespeare-a-palooza this publication revealed that traces of cannabis had been found in a 400 year old pipe discovered in Shakespeare’s backyard. Crazy, right? Well, of course, the internet exploded despite the fact that there is zero evidence that the pipe actually belonged to him. It’s an interesting possibility, but quite… doobie-ous. (Sorry.)

I have posted a link to the original article via The Independent below.

I personally think the best thing to come out of this theory is the take that the New Yorker presented a few days after the initial article. “Shakespeare’s Lost Weed Sonnets” is a perfectly hysterical collection of poetry that imitates Shakespeare and reflects the weed culture of the renaissance. Sonnet 156 is particularly brilliant. The link is posted below for your enjoyment!

See you tomorrow for all the sillies!



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