Silly Sunday: Willy Shakes-down!

Heeeyyyy! Guess what? It’s Silly Sunday! OK, so it’s definitely very early Monday morning here on the east coast, but I spent the day over on the other side of Florida visiting one of my favorite used books stores in the world (and buying SO MANY BOOKS), so I am late. Apologies. Luckily, today is for teh silliez as the internet would put it, so being a little late can’t really hurt.

Anywho, let’s get to some silly. Do you know what the internet supplied me today? Shakespeare insults with pictures of cats. Cats, of course, being the natural rulers of the internet and William Shakespeare the creator of their King*, all things make sense. So unto you do I deliver cats…and insults.

(And Shakespeare for the small penis joke!)

(The cat on the left has seen some shiiiiiiit.)

(So…they went with the fat cat for the Falstaff insult. Well done. Completely intended, yes?)

(Ohhhhh….snap, son.)

(Technically a compliment from Macbeth, but it’s always Opposite Day in the Scottish Play! Oh look, I rhymed.)

(This cat has 100% matched my look of scornful disdain. I should sue for copyright.)

Anyway! That is it for today’s tittle of silly. Tomorrow we return to musing and our regular schedule.


ps- Don’t think this means we’re over Stratford. We’ve already settled on a date for next year and e-mailed Laura. This is happening. It is real. Money is being put down a year in advance. Now to narrow down the number of plays we want to see to something lower than ten.

*It’s Tybalt. The King of Cats is Tybalt.

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