Twiday Special Edition

Happy Twiday, readers! What is Twiday, you ask? It’s Twilight Day…halfway between Sunday and Monday (Moon Day). Thus…Twilight! Yes…I am an idiot. Sorry.

Why this special edition, you may ask?

Do you remember Saturday’s post? You should. It was no more than, like, 36 hours ago that we posted it. Most importantly, do you remember the fact that John Cleese played Petruchio for BBC Shakespeare? And that A asked for the internet’s help in finding it? Well, guess what?


Granted, you’ll need a subscription to Hulu+, but I FOUND IT! It wasn’t there the last time I looked, or else I would have mentioned it before. So…go forth and watched Sir Lancelot play an asshole! I mean…Petruchio. Go watch John Cleese play Petruchio.

Also…Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet are available from the same collection, as well as Richard III from the Criterion Collection, as I mentioned before.

I WIN! But, more importantly, EVERYONE WINS!

All right…back to our regularly scheduled programming.



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