Silly Sunday: Cartoon Hamlet!

So, we come at last to the end of Hamlet Week! We’ve discussed why the play is great, what to drink while reading it, and which version to watch once you’ve finished reading. So, with all that serious (’cause Hamlet is serious), I think we should finish off with a little giggle.

Did you know that cartoons used to be a lot smarter than they are now? Or, at least, they had a much broader idea of what was OK to present as children’s material? Those of us in our mid-20s-to-30s really did have the best cartoons. Seriously, go watch a few episodes of Hey, Arnold! on Hulu; it’s all there. You’ll be amazed at how smart it actually is, and the fact that Helga is the most Shakespearean nine-year-old girl in the history of nine-year-old girls.

Another of those shows? Animaniacs. It’s available on Amazon Instant Video, and free with Prime, just to let you know. Case in point, their version of Hamlet:

So, this has been Hamlet! Tomorrow begins the week of Love’s Labours Lost!


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