Shakespeare Saturday: Willy Shakes Round-Up!

Greetings everyone and welcome to Shakespeare Saturday, folks! This week we’re not going to do anything particularly taxing. Why? Because this month is August, and A and I are heading to Stratford, ON to visit the Stratford Festival, where we will be seeing some LIVE Shakespeare. Hamlet, Love’s Labours Lost, and The Taming of the Shrew, to be exact. So, basically…I’m saving up all my Shakespeare fandom for the end of the month, when A and I will be reviewing the performances we see and spewing about how amazingly awesome the whole thing was. So we’re not going for four more weeks…who cares?

I wonder how A feels about Boozy Plays as a sort-of Shakespeare celebration month? You know…the three plays we’re going to see over the next three weeks. It’s too bad I jumped the gun and discussed The Taming of the Shrew a couple of weeks ago; I could have done it as a sort-of lead-in. Oh, well. I’ll figure out a way to make everything Bard-themed this month. For this week, though, we have a round-up of some of the fun Willy Shakes stuff I’ve found during the week! Here we go:

From the BBC America blog: 15 Shakespearean Slang Terms We Should Use Today:

(Also…they should have spelled out fifteen.)

From Buzzfeed: Can You Guess the Shakespeare Play From These Emojis? (It’s…actually quite fun and I got them all! Go me!)

An oldie-but-a-goodie from Forbes: Yes, Shakespeare Really Did Write Shakespeare

And…I know I’ve already mentioned Good Tickle Brain, but here’s her Three-Panel Plays, which are completely enjoyable and hilarious.

So…we’ll see what A thinks about Shakespeare month! There’s every chance we’ll go Bard Cubed up in this piece. Maybe not the Muse ’cause that defeats the purpose of the Muse, but…everything else, maybe. I dunno. Enjoy the links and join us tomorrow for silliness!


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