Silly Sunday: Medieval Cooking!

Heeeeyyy, readers! How’s it hangin’ on this fine almost-not-Sunday-anymore Sunday? Good? Great!

Now…you know today is for silly things. But I’m going to stretch that out to include random, perhaps-interesting-to-someone-who-isn’t-me things for today. I’m doing this because I had the most amazing fried chicken yesterday and that got me to thinking about delicious food, and how much I like to cook it.

For those that don’t actually read these posts all the way through (and I can understand that; I ramble), I am a historian. Granted, I am not earning money as one, but I have all the requisite training and a genuine obsession for the past, so I’m a historian. This includes a love of historical cooking, though of course I typically adapt cooking methods to a more safety-concerned modern approach (a giant wood oven works for some things, but not for others). Two of my favorite periods to recreate are the Medieval and the Renaissance, with recipes from all over Europe and the Islamic nations. In fact, my family’s Christmas last year was a Renaissance-themed affair, adapted slightly to not involve sugar sculptures or inedible-crust pies. This year, I’m thinking about creating a full-on Medieval Islamic feast, featuring recipes from all over the Islamic world (Moorish Spain, Arabia, Northern Africa, etc). Hope my parents are OK with it.

Anyway, in my time researching period cooking, I have amassed quite a library of period cookbooks stretching from Ancient Rome all the way to Colonial America and beyond. But I have also trolled the internet looking for sources and have a fair few of them bookmarked, and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you, our readers. Maybe you want to throw a Shakespeare party complete with period foods or you do Renaissance Reenactment. Maybe you just want to try something cool and different from another time. Or maybe you’re just writing a story and need a period recipe or two to describe for authenticity’s sake (since all stories should be authentic). Whatever reason you need…check out these links for some awesome recipes and give them a try.

(And not really Medieval and/or Renaissance-y, but definitely an adaptation of foods from a Medieval-fantasy world and thus OK in my book.)

That last one is perfect for a Game of Thrones party! If Jon Snow comes back, you can celebrate with tons of food; if he’s permanently dead, you can drown your sorrows with tons of food. Either way, seems good to me! Plus, we recommend so much booze around here, I really felt it was incumbent upon us to make sure you get some food into your stomach.

Anyway, tomorrow comes the Muse! See you then.



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