Silly Sunday: Watch it Before it’s Gone!

Hello, my fellow Cacti, and welcome to Silly Sunday!

First of all, let me remind you that we created something yesterday. Something that we are calling ART because look at it. It’s beautiful. I must give credit for this to the lovely A, who called upon skills heretofore unknown within her. Isn’t she a veritable Da Vinci of Microsoft Paint? I think she is.


Second, we all know SDCC is on. Four days of geekery and awesome costumes. (Also…if someone wants to dress up as the above picture next year, please don’t. While we appreciate your devotion….don’t.) But by far the greatest thing to come out of Comic Con this year is the Deadpool trailer. And, because nerds are giving, there is leaked footage. It’s not the greatest quality, but…it’s leaked, so…obviously. It is wonderful and hilarious and suitably irreverent, as well as hyper-violent, as Deadpool should be. If the movie is as good as the trailer, I think we can all forgive Ryan Reynolds and allow him into our hearts once more.

So…here it is. Watch it before it gets yanked. And enjoy Deadpool’s silliness.


ps- Can someone explain to me exactly WHY Batman and Superman are fighting? It seems to me that they’re fighting mostly because the fans really want to see Supes and Batman fight…which is stupid. Batman is a detective, not just a dude with a lot of gadgets, and he wouldn’t just decide to take someone out without doing some research. Also…why is he so angry? Yes, I know Bats is an angry dude, but he should have control over that anger. And where is his compassion? This is the same man that has let the Joker keep on keepin’ on for years, but Supes COULD turn against humanity and so he has to go? WTF IS GOING ON?! Also…did Batman break someone’s neck?! DID BATMAN KILL SOMEONE IN THIS TRAILER?! WHAT IS GOING ON?! And, no, “It’s based on The Dark Knight Returns,” is NOT an acceptable answer. That book came out 50 years after Batman and Supes were created and had the benefit of all that history. Also…Batman was old in that. Ben Affleck may or may not be the worst thing to happen to Batman, but he is not that old. The fact that Bats used a gun and killed the Joker in that comic is a big deal because it comes after 50 years of the comics and Bruce Wayne being old! You can’t just throw DKR (eturns, not rises) into a movie without that build-up and history and background and…GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cries* *watches Deadpool trailer again* *laughs* *feels better* *cries again*

See you tomorrow…

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