Silly Sunday: History Jokes

OK. Fair warning, I got no sleep last night and went to a Con today which had too many people crowded into one space. Granted, it was a very large space, but I do not do well with tons of people in an enclosed area like that, so I admit to suffering from both people fatigue and real fatigue. That said, I don’t have the brain power to get deep with you today…you know…deep silly.

I did say the words “real mythological creature” to Brett Dalton (Agent Ward on Agents of SHIELD) today, however, so that happened. I demanded an explanation from the new head of HYDRA as to why an organization named, say, after a beast from mythology where two heads would grow to take the place of every single head removed (which sounds suspiciously like their motto) would have a symbol involving one head and several tentacles. Tentacles, while fun (and, apparently, ripe for pun making), are not heads. One body, multiple heads. So HYDRA are part of House Targaryen. That’s OK, though, because House Stark has Iron Man.

Anyway…I guess I did have some silly in me today. But still…I found this on Buzzfeed and loved it. Ignore the fact that #13 has been misattributed by some noob who clearly doesn’t remember the early 90s.

Also…wordpress does not think misattributed is a real word, which is pretty damn silly.

Cactus out! Tomorrow, we muse!



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