Boozy Books Friday: City of Lost Dreams

Welcome to Boozy Books! It’s time yet again to read and drink and be merry. Let’s make it fast, because I’ve got three shows this weekend and I need to get to bed.
This week we’re revisiting Magnus Flyte, that elusive author who gifted us with the summer/airplane/beach read City of Dark Magic. In his follow-up, City of Lost Dreams, we are joined again by Sarah, Max, and Nico (the four hundred year old dwarf). Unfortunately, the plot is choppy and the new characters fall flat. There is no shortage of intrigue and murder, but it all seems a bit contrite since we’ve already followed Sarah’s adventures in Prague. Now, in Vienna, she falls into similarly mysterious circumstances and encounters two-faced scientists, crazed Viennese nobility, and an immortal rat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a fun read, it just isn’t as satisfying as the first book.
So what should you drink with this book? Well, there’s a surprising lack of booze to be found, but seeing as it’s light and fluffy, I would go with something bubbly, girly, fruity, or fizzy. Try the Strawberry Blonde. It’s a delightful mix of strawberry vodka, starwberries, pineapple juice, and a touch of champagne.




Strawberry Blonde drink recipe - one version with cola, one with champagne

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