Shakespeare Saturday: Random Videos!

I like videos about Shakespeare. Shakespeare jokes, Shakespeare sketches, Shakespeare Shakespeare…you know what I mean. Typically, I like funny stuff…because Shakespeare is hilarious. Trust me, high schoolers who stare at the “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” speech wondering how ANYONE could think this dude is funny…this dude is hella funny. You just gotta know how to look at it.

Now, I firmly believe that learning the secrets of the Bard is part of becoming an adult and I don’t want to deprive anyone of realizing how many times good ol’ Willy references sex and bodily functions (Shakespeare was all about butt sex, guys). And of course I can’t make anyone appreciate the beauty of Shakespeare…of the way the words play like music on your ear, or the magic of feeling everything come to life in front of you with just a few performers and wooden sets. That is something that everyone has to learn for his or herself.

But I can post funny videos! And that’s what I will do today!

First up is Shakespeare “Who’s On First”, provided by a friend of mine from my writing community. Please enjoy:

Second is the Horrible Histories song about all the phrases Shakespeare contributed to the lexicon:

And Third is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). THE WHOLE THING! (Take the hour and a half to watch it. Please. I promise it’s more than worth it.)

I can’t stress how much I love all three of these. Just do the thing. CLICK THE LINKS! You’ll thank me later.

Anyway…that’s Shakespeare Saturday for this week. I just want to second the recommendation from yesterday for Rook. And the sequel comes out early next year, so more Myfanwy is coming up! YAY!

Tomorrow, we get silly! If…it’s possible to get sillier than today…



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