The Monday Muse: We Are In Dire Need of Satire

Hello friends! Welcome to the Monday Muse: brought to you by the letter S as in “Satire”, the number 4077, The Nerd Cactus, and readers like you.

I have found myself binge-watching M*A*S*H on Netflix recently and something has been niggling at the back of my brain regarding today’s television… To start with, this is a brilliant show. It is masterful satire which successfully creates a wealth of lovable characters, classic comedy, and well-placed poignant dialogue concerning the nature of war, bureaucracy, love, and humanity (among other things). In truth I have all eleven seasons on DVD and this is far from my first M*A*S*H binge, but every time I revisit Hawkeye and the gang I discover new reasons to love the lunacy and heart that exists within the 4077th.

The thing is, this show is from well before my time. While the messages and satiric tones are timeless I wish there were something of this caliber on television for my generation. For the most part our satire comes in the form of cartoons (South Park, The Simpsons, American Dad!) and the truly consistent – and relevant – stuff comes from the likes of Colbert and Jon Stewart (both finishing their tenure… go figure). In a world hooked on social media and reality tv we are in desperate need of a show that can hold the attention of its audience with a well-plotted script and cast while seamlessly delivering the important world messages that seem to be lost amidst our selfie-ridden newsfeeds.

Satire is one of my favorite genres as far as film and reading material goes. If it’s done well it can educate, amuse, shock, and move deeply. Despite its humorous camouflage it can often provide a harsh worldview that may change the way you think and absorb news. So I don’t know who to get in touch with on this issue, but if anyone reading this knows a big shot producer and would like to pass on our suggestion, The Nerd Cactus Team will be glad to whip up a nice little pilot laced with comedy and intelligence for their consideration.

Here’s hoping!

See you next week, fellow Cacti!



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