Silly Sunday: Camelot

Heya readers and welcome to our most silly of days here at Nerd Cactus, where we share things that make us laugh because, really, the world could use more laughter. And while yesterday’s Shakespeare was pretty silly–such cute kitties!–I personally feel that we don’t, as a society, fill our silliness quota nearly often enough. So…today I give you Camelot.

I’ve been watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail today, which is why I decided to go with this. There’s nothing deep about it…no agenda…Just come back and watch it after Game of Thrones has ripped your heart out and fed it to a silver-haired wannabe Queen looking to fulfill prophesy. (I don’t like Dany, in case that isn’t obvious.)

You know something…the only prophesy we’ve seen in G0T has been undone by the actions of man. Should we not expect, then, that the Azor Azai (what Melisandre thinks Stannis is…for now) prophesy should be similarly undone? Like…foreshadowing, or something? Or…does George know that we know he likes to subvert prophesy and will thus allow this prophesy to go ahead as planned? Or since we know that he knows that we know…does that mean it won’t? People have already guessed the end of this thing and he said he’s not going to change it, and the creators of the show would have to be insane to attempt to write a whole new ending for this thing…

You know what? Come on back to Silly Sunday after the season finale. Just click on the Silly Sunday tag and read. You’re going to need some silly, especially if it ends the way I think it’s going to.

But for now…Camelot.

On second thought, let’s not. ‘Tis a silly place. But seriously…come back here in three weeks. You’ll need the solace, I promise. Or there’s the Boozy Books that’s just a list of books to power drink right on through…you could go with that one.

Anyway, Cactus out! Tomorrow…we MUSE!



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