Silly Sunday: Grapefruit

Welcome to Silly Sunday! Let’s get silly…

Look at this fruit.

Look at it. Before we move on too much farther…I hate this fruit. I loathe it. I don’t like the juice, the fruit, grapefruit-flavored candy…anything. This and tomatoes are my least favorite fruits ever. Given a choice between a grapefruit or a raw tomato, I’d probably take the grapefruit…but I wouldn’t like it. Why? Because it’s gross.

It’s also the most ridiculously named fruit in the history of fruits. Like…the word orange comes from Sanskrit and Persian, so even if it’s weird…at least it makes sense. The word avocado comes from the Spanish mispronunciation of āhuacatl, which is Nahuatl for ‘testicle’ because they look similar. Seriously…look at an avocado…you can kind of see it. It also sounds really close to the Spanish word for lawyer, which is where the whole ‘avocados at Law’ joke in Daredevil comes from. I wish the Spanish word and the Nahuatl word were related because then lawyers would also be testicles…but alas…it is not to be.

But grapefruit…WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! Who decided…hey, this citrus fruit that looks more like a cross between a peach and an orange with a bit more yellow in it and tastes like a bitter old woman sucking on lemon candies…doesn’t it remind you of grapes? Also…is this person…this Unknown Soldier in the War Nn Good Naming Procedures somehow suggesting that grapes themselves are not fruit? “See…it’s like a grape! And a fruit!” “Well…is a grape not also a fruit?” “Shut up and get ready to pucker!”

It’s citrus. You peel it like an orange. It makes you feel like you’ve eaten a less refreshing lemon and leaves you reaching for the sugar like the Mummy is sucking the life from your bones. And you name it after the GRAPE?!

Please someone explain this to me. Because I really want to know. Seriously.

I’m getting some grapes. And maybe some lemonade.

See you tomorrow with some Musing. You know…better musing than this. Because this was just silly. Until next time…this has been Nerd Cactus…being very silly.



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