Silly Sunday: Captain Obvious, Meet Batman

Well readers, by now you’ve surely seen the picture of Jared Leto as our new Joker. If you haven’t (or need a refresher), here it is again…. Presenting: Hipster Joker.


While the look delivers a solid dose of “dafuq am I looking at?”, it is, in the opinion of the Nerd Cactus, a little… too on the nose. Or shall we say, forehead?

Aside from being reminiscent of a Hot Topic advertisement the Joker now sports a few nifty tattoos that say obscure yet profound things like “damaged” and “hahaha”. Herein lies the trigger for our initial reaction – as posted on twitter.

Now, aside from all those “haha”s being the equivalent of wearing your own band’s t-shirt, the Joker’s new tats would have Captain Obvious shaking his head. And we aren’t the only ones to have voiced this opinion… as witnessed by countless reactions on Twitter and Facebook over the course of the last few days. Our favorite, of course, is the brilliant photoshoppery that appeared as if in answer to our query into whether Batman would indeed be sporting an “orphan” tattoo upon his forehead.




PS. We know plenty of people out there dig the new look (respect) and we ourselves have high hopes that Leto will totally pull it off. The opinions expressed in this blog are purely for entertainment purposes. ❤


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