Shakespeare Saturday: Fun and Games

Greetings, Cacti Cult!

Shakespeare Saturday has dawned upon us once again and in lieu of one of our lovely (though lengthy) analyses, I have decided today is the day to share the wonders of the internet. The internet loves Shakespeare about as much as we do and there are a myriad of memes and games to prove it. Below, Nerd Cactus has broken down the top three bard-based activities available on the interwebs for your entertainment.

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3. In Search of Shakespeare (choose your own adventure)

Ok, this one isn’t great, but it consists of Choose Your Own Adventure elements, which I kinda love. The game allows you to pick what topic to write about as though you are Shakespeare. Every time you “write a play” you either move forward towards success or plummet towards failure. I played twice and lost because 1. I was censored and 2. I offended the Queen and was tossed into the Tower of London. Honestly, I couldn’t help thinking of my many deaths upon the Oregon Trail while trying to win this thing… What really makes this game worth a look, however, are the history lessons embedded within (yeah, I know… but nerd is in the title of the blog, man). After each choice a “reality check” button appears to tell you how your choice stacks up to the 16th century reality. It’s fast, simple, and educational so go on and have a look!

2. Beat the Bard!

This one is actually super fun even if you aren’t particularly well-versed in Shakespeare (though it helps to know some of the major characters). It’s set up as a card game in which you and the Bard (cpu) each receive 10 playing cards. Each card represents a character from the Works of William Shakespeare and has a set of vital traits along with the character’s stats. Generally, you’re gonna pick the highest stat, BUT if you figure out who the Bard is playing based on the clue/quote on the back of the card you can make safer assumptions. Essentially, if you know the quote on the back of the Hamlet card and your character’s “Ham Factor” is an eight…. Don’t play it. Hamlet is guaranteed to be a ten.

1. Sporcle Quizzes (Shakespeare Plays, Spoiler Alert: Shakespeare Edition, Murder or Suicide, and Shakespeare or Captain Picard)

If you haven’t discovered the magic of Sporcle in any capacity yet: for shame. Never fear, you’ll become an addict soon enough… Sporcle is the quiz site which claims to provide “mentally stimulating diversions”. Words were never more true. A simple Shakespeare search brings up a number of Shakespeare quizzes, all of which are a ton of fun. My favorites are listed above, though for those of you who know Shakespeare back to front there are some super challenging ones such as the Hamlet Soliloquy quiz or the Shakespeare Play by Stage Direction quiz (whoa).

Have fun, my darlings!


Oh, and just for fun… Here’s the Shakespearean Insult Generator. Y’know, for those times when modern insults just won’t do justice to the stupidity of your enemies.

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