Silly Sunday: Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

It’s Zombie Jesus Day!

I’d make a joke about Passover, but…gefilte fish…*shudder*…so I’m just going to stick to Zombie Jesus. Zombie Jesus is rad. Hey! Do you think that’s why we’ve never been able to find his body? Did the people chop off his head and burn the corpse? Remember: always double tap!

OK, all joking aside…this is an important day for the Christians and an important few days for the Jewish people, so Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all of our Chosen People and Kingdom Receivers out there! And to all our Pagan friends, Happy Ostara…though I am shamefully two weeks late regarding that announcement. I seem to be so much more on top of the Christian holidays than my own. *le sigh*

For those not in the know, Ostara is the Old High German name for what seems to be a Germanic derivative of an Indo-European Goddess of the rising sun/dawn. The Anglo-Saxon translation of that name is, of course, Eostre…from which Easter derives. It’s totally where we get the bunnies and the eggs, which represent fertility and sex, given that Easter itself often coincides with the beginning of Spring. You’ll find that a lot of Christian holidays have Pagan counterparts because the Romans were awfully good at that sort of thing. It’s good psychology. Hey! Pagan people! You know that holiday that’s all about the risen sun? Let’s all try celebrating the risen son instead! Not that hard, right?

Psst…what about Beltane? Oh…oh! Well…we’ll just…call it May Day and take out the Pagan-y worship bits. And Halloween can totally just be about candy and stuff. Yes. That’ll work! Keep your trees at Christmas!

Actually, did you know that that’s why Oliver Cromwell upheld and enforced the ban on Christmas? Puritans believed it to be a Pagan holiday. Even going to Church on Christmas wasn’t allowed. It’s no wonder the English brought the King back…Well, that and his kick ass style!

Anyway…this hasn’t really been silly enough. Not even with that picture. So…to round out today’s Silly Sunday, let’s have a stupid ass joke…

Anywho…Happy Easter, Happy Passover…and happy 50% off Jelly Beans tomorrow!


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