Shakespeare Saturday: See Yourself. In Shakespeare!

It’s Shakespeare Saturday again, here at Nerd Cactus! In today’s post I’m going to take the opportunity to encourage you – our loyal followers – to actually read (or seek out presentations) of Shakespeare’s plays.

This probably should have been covered when we first initiated Shakespeare Saturdays, buuut we’ve become rather fond of posting scholarly musings touching upon interesting facets of the Bard’s works. Yes, we got carried away. No, we are not sorry.


Excuses aside, the time is ripe to reach out to the less enthusiastic, casual high school reader of the works of William Shakespeare. Maybe you’ve never actually read one of Willy’s plays. Maybe you’ve never seen a good version of Hamlet (read as: maybe you’ve seen the 1990 version with Mel Gibson as Hamlet. *gag*). Maybe you just can’t relate to it.

Well, for those of you who fall into that last category, Team Nerd Cactus has figured out the perfect way to tailor recommendations of Shakespeare’s plays. Below, you will find the link to a quiz designed by the American Shakespeare Center. Take it. It’s sole purpose is to determine which character from Shakespearean canon is most like you. A few questions and you’ll have the perfect play complete with a character you can relate to.

So take the quiz and find your perfect match! Enjoy!


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