Shakespeare Saturday: Sharing is Caring

Greetings, fine readers! Today marks yet another edition of Shakespeare Saturday, in which we share our love of the Bard, sometimes even intelligently. I know I’ve promised a whole spiel on why I think the man wrote his own plays despite quite likely being the only person in his family who was even remotely literate…but I can’t do that today. I’ve only got internet at this here apartment for another couple of hours. Actually, I’m writing to you from the past! It’s Friday night here and I’m surrounded by a veritable menagerie of random stuff–some of which I even remember owning. In case it isn’t clear, I’m in the process of moving and tomorrow is the BIG DAY. Literally, it’s the day I’m moving all the stuff that’s too big for my car. Like Shakespeare running from Stratford (perhaps because he poached a deer) to London for work, I am moving for work. Granted, it’s not for my work, but I can blog anywhere, right? Right.

Anyway…because I hardly have the time to devote to a post like that (I feel like I’m hyping it up now, and I have to write a dissertation-level post to make up for it), I’m going to share with you one of my favorite blogs. The creator has more than just Shakespeare among her topics of choice, but it’s one of my go-to for Willy-related goodness. I feel bad about just foisting today’s duties upon an unexpecting blogger, but as I’m probably off crying in corner as you’re reading this (I found out today that my grandmother is *also* moving and GUESS WHO’S HELPING?!), I am hardly in the right frame of mind to do anything.

Plus, I distinctly remember telling all of you that there would be times this particular blog was not deep at all. There are going to be days we quite literally just post a picture and move on. I love Shakespeare–we both love Shakespeare–but I’m not a Shakespeare scholar. I’m a historian. I just really enjoy his work. This is a fangirl blog some four-hundred years after the man died. Actually…didn’t he die in 1616? Does that mean we can have a 400-year death day party next year? YES! WE CAN DO THAT!

OK. So…now that I’ve rambled on for far too long (this is my break from packing, guys…I’m trying to make it last, OK?), here’s that blog you should totally go read if at all possible:  Shakespeare Blog!

She totally wrote the post on Richard III that belongs on a Shakespeare blog. I would have just ranted about how much Tudor propaganda (with Shakespeare playing a big ol’ roll) ruined the man’s reputation and how we all think he had a hunchback when he just had scoliosis…and both of his arms were totally OK. And there’s no proof he killed his nephews in the Tower (and really…he had very little reason to–it served the Tudors far more than Richard that they died in such a fashion), either. Anyway, go read the blog. Pretend I wrote something anywhere near as good. Why can’t there be a day of the week that begins with H? I would like a history day. Throwback Thursday just doesn’t have the right…feel…

I’ll see you on Monday. Maybe a nice, rambling discussion of something historical will make me feel better. Until then!


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