Silly Sunday: Richard III

Greetings! Welcome to a very special edition of Silly Sunday. I promise you I will post something silly at the end of this post–I wouldn’t want to ruin the premise, would I–but I felt today needed something a little less…ridiculous.

As many of you probably know, King Richard III of England, the last Plantagenet King (though, considering that most of the Tudors’ Royal Blood came from John of Gaunt on Henry’s side and both Edmund of Langley AND Lionel of Antwerp–and some John of Gaunt, too, actually–on Elizabeth of York’s, there was still a lot of Plantagenet blood there), was reinterred today after a special ceremony. A huge cortege, a special Compline service, twenty-one gun salutes…the works. A burial fit for a King, no matter how ignominious his previous burial site. Or his death.

I am very passionate about Richard III. He is one of those historical figures that has fascinated me for a long time and for many reasons, not the least of which has always been the dichotomy between the source material and the way he is portrayed in popular media. Shakespeare…well, we here at Nerd Cactus love him, of course, but part of me will never forgive him for Richard III. Yes, I realize it was because he was writing in Tudor times, but I will never forgive Mel Gibson for Braveheart, either, so…that’s OK.

Now, rather than launch into a very long, very (likely) boring to most people that aren’t me essay…and, you know, miss the point of Silly Sunday entirely, here’s the Richard III song from the BBC’s Horrible Histories.

See? I told you I’d give you some silliness. Though, actually, Horrible Histories is quite excellent and I recommend it heartily. So, there you go…another Silly Sunday down! We’ll see you tomorrow for some Monday-based musing!



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