Silly Sunday: When Memes Bring the World Together

Hi there, Nerd Cactus readers! Welcome back!

Today is Silly Sunday which means (drum roll)… absolutely nothing! No worrying about thought-provoking posts or social commentary, we’re just here to have a good time. And a good time is almost always guaranteed by a well-placed, quick-witted meme. Memes have a strange, mystical power that brings strangers together and quite literally form a dialogue of their own which transcends actual language.

A “meme-tacular” event took place in Germany recently and demonstrates my point perfectly. A broken door and a ton of imaginative meme lovers created something which supersedes language and gives us a look at how our current-day culture has honed an ability to sum up its thoughts with an image accompanied by a succinct (and often sarcastic) block of text.

Below is the link for the complete explanation and collection of memes in regards to this event (as well as my own addition to the crop of “Techniker” memes). Enjoy!


The Meme-tastic German Door



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