The Monday Muse: Be Yourself

Welcome to The Monday Muse, Nerd Cacti!

This is essentially our space to get creative, be weird, write our thoughts, and inspire you to do the same.

Let’s start with a book of writing prompts I found in TJ Maxx earlier this week, entitled “Vs.: A Journal of Choices”. This thing is utterly pointless and the suggestions inside are far from thought-provoking and yet, for three dollars, I’m not even mad about it. Every page is a different “dilemma” (ex. Girl Scout vs Badger) followed by a small space of lined paper.

On the one hand Girl Scout vs Badger is actually prime for some seriously comedic writing possibilities, but – apart from providing less than a page in which to actually write – it appears to focus on the idea that your choice is a revelation of who you are. Yes, on the flipside of the page, in itty bitty print, the book attempts to analyze you based on your choice.

So beneath our Girl Scout vs Badger example we’ve got: “Girl Scout: cooperative, fond of the decorative arts” and “Badger: unruly, enjoy playing practical jokes”. I find this interesting because as far as self-help and personal discovery go, I never thought the answer to “who am I” would lie in my preference for mustard over mayonnaise. Just so we’re clear, mustard apparently means I’m well-traveled (if you picked mayonnaise you’re a xenophobe).

Seriously though, if there’s an actual psych analysis available based on my choice between Bigfoot and “Seven Abnormally Large Catfish with Fangs” please bring that to my attention.

While I can appreciate what this book/journal/thing is trying to do, I hardly think these choices will make or break anyone’s personality. They do show some creativity though and the idea of throwing things together in a crazy melee appeals to the writer in me.

But here’s what I’m really getting at. Make decisions. Don’t worry about what it says about you, because on a daily basis your decisions will change. Circumstances change (as does your mood) and nobody wants to eat the same flavor of ice cream every time they’re craving sweet, delicious, dairy products.

So be yourself. And let those decision-making, personality-shaping, life-changing decisions be made by characters you write about.

Though if you’d like to start up a lively debate with your friends, turn to Vs. for endless hypothetical brawls (pro tip: the addition of alcohol will put this game over the top). So who wins, Unicorn or Wolf? Jacques Cousteau or Octopus? Girl Scout or Badger?



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