Silly Sunday: Gratuitous Grumpiness

Greetings and Salutations, fine readers of Nerd Cactus Adventures! Today we bring to you the inaugural post of Silly Sundays, where we take turns posting things that make us laugh. So…just to recap, so far we have Booze and Books (always a good decision), Sensational Shakespeare (with varying degrees of depth depending upon our mood), and now…something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Silly Sundays is not a day for deep, expressive thought or in-depth analysis. Nay, ’tis not. Rather, it is a day to simply rejoice in things that make us giggle, because we hope they make you giggle, too. (Hint: come here AFTER you’ve finished sipping and scanning on Friday…they’ll probably be funnier.)

Beginning our Silliness today is a lovely image of Grumpy Cat expressing perfectly how I feel about Frozen. Frozen the phenomenon, Frozen the awfully constructed story, Frozen the annoying songs, and Frozen WHY DOES KRISTOFF LIVE WITH TROLLS?! WHY DOES KRISTOFF ONLY HAVE ONE LITTLE TEENY PIECE OF IDIOTIC SONG WHEN HIS VOICE ACTOR IS ONE OF BROADWAY’S TOP STARS?!

Also…much love to Adele Dazeem, but I don’t like her voice for Elsa. Legitimately, I just didn’t think it worked for the character. Mostly, though…c’mon Disney, figure out a movie’s theme BEFORE twenty minutes from the end, will you? Also…Let it Go is a very irresponsible song. No, Elsa, you have responsibilities…you can’t just let it go. You’re the Queen of Arendelle…you can’t just take your hair down and run away. It’s time to be a grown-up now. Don’t you know this is the reason it sometimes SUCKS to be a grown-up?


Anyway…here’s your Silly Sunday Sensational Snapshot.

Tune in tomorrow for our inaugural edition of The Monday Muse, where we do something serious for a change. What? It can’t all be booze, Bards, and bird-brained babbling, can it? Sometimes we’ve got to muse…


PS: Any complaints vis a vis my loathing of Frozen can be addressed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He’s the one that looks like a turtle.


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