Boozy Books Fridays: A Song of Ice and Fire (series)

Because, honestly, where else would we start our boozy books adventures? “Go big or go home”, right?

From playing the “you know nothing” drinking game to shots for every time Dany’s boobs are exposed, we know how to get through George RR Martin’s epic literary masterpiece with style.

You may be a longtime reader, a fan of the tv series, a cosplay fanatic who has recreated the Viper vs. Mountain battle in public, or an entirely oblivious member of the public who has never even heard of this phenomenon (but, really, do you live under a rock?). Whoever you may be: brace yourselves, winter is coming.

It’s time to visit the badass, high fantasy world of Westeros! Following the members of Westeros’ greatest families, Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is made up of A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons. It takes a while to read them all, but man are they worth it.

For one, the specificity is astounding; Martin’s attention to detail creates incredible imagery and well-rounded characters that can only be rivaled by watching the television series (and sometimes the book’s descriptions are better, trust me). Because each chapter is from the viewpoint of a different character the action is unending as multiple storylines tumble over one another and finally come to their massive conclusions. You’ll love to hate Cersei and find yourself wanting to befriend Arya, hug Jon, drink with Tyrion, and punch Sansa in the face. The series is chock-full of intrigue, violence, sex, politics, adventure, and dragons, but above all it is well-written.

With five enormous books to the as yet unfinished fantasy series the most obvious pairing recommendation would simply be an equally enormous bottle of liquor.

However, we aim to add classy, in-depth analysis of flavor, aroma, and harmony to our pairings so let’s narrow it further down…

Considering the dark tones of the series, the amount of bloodshed, and the threat of a cold winter we suggest a warm, full-bodied Malbec. Malbec is called the “black wine” because its shade of red is just THAT dark. It’s heavy, fruity, and earthy, and grown primarily in South West France and Argentina. Not only would a wine of this caliber be suitable for consumption in King’s Landing, but also among the Dothraki across the Narrow Sea.

Happy Imbibing!




Note: You can also enjoy a bottle of Malbec while watching the HBO series Game of Thrones. Season 1 is a fairly close adaptation of the page and is, quite frankly, AWESOME so no judgment on this end.


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